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Bridget | Musical Theatre Performer & Opera Singer


“My experience with Madeline as voice teacher has made me love singing even more!  Not only is she attentive to your needs as a singer, she makes sure that you’re singing in a way that’s healthy and fit for you.  There are so many tips and tricks I’ve received from her that I’m just blown away!  I truly feel I’m receiving very personalized lessons and it feels great when you’re singing healthy!  And another perk is if you’re interested in learning vocal pedagogy, she’s the master!  Thank you so much, Madeline, for making singing feel amazing!”

Tiffany | Opera Singer

“After taking a break from and having many mental roadblocks around singing, working with Madeline has been exactly what I needed to gently get back into singing. As an advanced singer, I’d gotten stuck in some bad technical habits that I believed would inhibit my singing forever. Madeline, through her pedagogical knowledge and warm energy, facilitates a safe space for me to apply new technical approaches to old arias and (quite literally) breathe new life into them. But even more important than technique, she helped remind me of my joy for singing and how much I actually love my voice. I highly recommend working with Madeline!”

Chiara | Musical Theater Performer

“Working with Madeline has been the best decision I've ever made for my journey in pursuit of my career. She creates a nurturing space, acknowledging that performance embodies mind, body, and spirit. Every lesson is tailored to the performer and their conditions; which I've found is very rare. Her extensive experience in vocal health brings me such comfort and confidence in her ability to lead me in the right direction. I'm not going to lie, I was a little wary of signing up for online vocal lessons but I have made more progress in my vocal performance than ever before!

I am so grateful to be working with Madeline and would highly recommend her services to anyone looking to improve their skills!”


Claire | Crossover Artist & Classical Pianist

"I have been taking lessons from Madeline for about one year and it is one of the best decisions I ever made! The amount of growth I see in my voice is incredible. I am a classical pianist by training, but knew very little about vocals before I started these lessons. Madeline knew exactly how to work with my voice to get the sounds I wanted to achieve and to do it in such a way to protect the longevity of my voice. I am interested in several styles of music and she has been knowledgeable in whatever music I decide to bring to my lesson that day. She creates a very safe environment where mental health and having fun are priorities, and yet there is a tremendous amount of growth seen in each lesson. I was skeptical about taking any sort of music lessons through Zoom, but it has been amazing and I haven’t seen any difference in the amount I am able to learn and progress."

Sophia | Musical Theater Performer 


"Madeline is the best vocal teacher I've ever had! She is so kind and encouraging. Every lesson I walk away feeling so good about my vocal ability. She has helped me gain so much confidence in not only when I sing, but when I perform as well. I cannot recommend Madeline enough if someone is looking to take voice lessons."

Jess | Pop & R&B Singer 


“Working with Madeline has been such a joy, and I’m grateful for the impact she’s had on my singing and vocal health. Madeline is incredibly talented and uses a variety of techniques to help me understand how to access different parts of my voice and learn different styles of singing. Her kindness, positivity, and flexibility made me feel comfortable working with her and helped me build confidence about singing in different settings. Highly recommend her as a voice instructor!”

Diana | Singer-songwriter

“Madeline is a phenomenal vocal coach.  She has put me on the fast track for improving my overall vocal performance through her weekly lesson subscription plan. I am currently attending LAAMP and I needed to improve my vocal skills drastically.  I learned so quickly from her and have seen major improvements.  I also love how fun, animated yet kind and gentle she is.  The environment she creates for the lessons feel very safe and supportive. I highly recommend Madeline! 

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